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Purposes and tasks of society

The purpose of Society – is production (works, services), the consumer who is equitable to interests, sale, receiving arrived, production development, satisfaction of social needs of shareholders.

Object of activity of Society – implementation to the enterprises and the organizations of all forms of ownership, and also natural persons:

construction, special construction and installation, repair work, including hydrotechnical and other special works;

repair and recovery, transport and printing services, training and other types of works in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and beyond its limits.

The purpose of activity of Society is receiving profit at the expense of the following kinds of activity:

construction, expansion, reconstruction and modernization of objects, repair and operation of buildings, constructions industrial, social, culturally – a household purpose, assembly, rescue and recovery operations by orders of the enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership;

the organization and carrying out proyektno – design, research, prospecting and experimental works.

production of construction materials and designs;

services of foreign economic activity on a mutually advantageous basis to the enterprises of a power supply system and water management, other enterprises, and also other persons;

introduction of new foreign technologies;

granting to the enterprises of JSC Uzbekenergo and to other organizations of all forms of ownership financially – technical resources, the equipment, spare parts and other goods on the basis of contracts;

development and deployment of advanced technologies and productions;

introduction and production scientifically – technical, design, design development, technical assistance at their production and introduction;

transport service;

preparation, the organization and professional development of shots for the joint-stock company;

implementation of a technological complete set of objects of the joint-stock company.

construction of underground developments of various sections;

special hydrotechnical works (the injection; strengthening, vulgar cementation; elimination of emptiness and cementation of construction seams);

repair of concrete constructions (concrete treatment by a cementation method, torkretirovany);

rendering services of production character to natural persons;

Except the main production works, Society for receiving additional profit, carries out various other kinds of activity and services which aren’t forbidden by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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