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In 1963 it was organized the MOUSTACHE “Charvakgresstroy” for further use of hydroenergy and irrigational potential of the river Chirchik.

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Characteristics of station:

Power of station is 600 MW.

Charvaksky reservoir:

The area of the water area is 35 square kilometers, емконсть 2 billion m3, height of a dam is 168 meters. Are a part of the water-engineering system: a deep water intake, the bringing pressure head tunnels, the hydroelectric power station building, a catastrophic spillway with a diameter of 11 m, the 155 m high taking-away channel, the hydropower and hydrotechnical equipment.

In 1971 construction of the 165 MW Hodzhikentsky hydroelectric power station began. The earth dam 40 m high, a reservoir of 30 million m3 substation of 110 kW are a part of hydroelectric power station. The eighteenth hydrostation of the Chirchik-Bozsuysky cascade was started up on December 30, 1976.

In 1977 construction of Gazalkentsky hydroelectric power station, 120 MW is begun. Kompanovka and structure of constructions of Gazalkentsky hydroelectric power station are identical to Hodzhikenstky hydroelectric power station. The Gazalkantsky hydroelectric power station finishes 50 summer work of hydrobuilders of Uzbekgidroenergostroy on the river Chirchik from a merge place in its upper courses of the fast Chatkal Rivers and Pskema and to a confluence with the Syr-Darya River.



In 2004 the MOUSTACHE “Charvakgesstroy” it is transformed to DP “Chorboggeskurilish” by DP Collective are constructed: block pump station on Talimardzhansky state district power station, bagerny pump station, pump station of the cooler No. 1, ZShO-1, a platform of zoloprovod on New and Angrensky state district power station, the International center of logistics in the city of Angren, the tank and pump station on DZKU, the SNB training center in the settlement of Azatbash. Also Bekabadskogo Uzmet of combine, recreation areas in Yusupkhana and Beldersaye took part in construction of AGMK rest houses. Are built the swimming pool at Yoshlik stadium in the city of Tashkent and reconstruction of GAO “TAPOICH” Square for production of Mercedes Benz buses on 1 stage is executed.

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