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In 1961 the interdistrict production base in the settlement Iskander Bostanlykskogo of the area was created, further the base was transformed to combine on production of construction materials (KPSM).

In 1966 after a destructive earthquake in the city of Tashkent the Joint management on construction of housing in the city of Tashkent was created. In 1970 KPSM is renamed into Energostroyindustriya Production association (POESI) which part three industrial zones were: PGS pit, graviyno sorting plant, ceramsite plant, the ZhBI-2 plant including reinforcing on equipment, concrete and mixing, forming shops, shop of can of products, and also shop on production the tsentrifugirovannykh опр the high voltage line with the unique equipment and magnetic cameras.

Auxiliary services: mechanical-repair shop, steam-power and motor transportation economy, Quality Department, laboratory, electroshop and department of mechanization.

The huge contribution is made in construction of New and Angrensky, Talimardzhansky, Tashkent, Syr-Darya thermal power plant – buildings were provided to the national teams with ferroconcrete designs, joiner’s products, expanded clay and inert materials.

In 2004 “POESI” is transformed to DP “Energokurilishindustriya”. DP lets out the following production nonmetallic materials to 600 thous m3, including crushed stone, gravel, sand. ZhBI-2 plant with a power up to 200 thous m3 of concrete a year. The enterprise delivers combined reinforced concrete, tsentrifugirovanny support of the high voltage line, combined ferroconcrete designs of tanks for water and fuel oil, the combined base and crossbars under metal support of the high voltage line unified by product can for substations, a ring wall for sewer constructions, fencing can elements, trays irrigational, blocks of a road protection, inert materials. DP the “Uzbekistan” VL of 500 kV carries out orders of JSC Uzbekgidroenergokurilish for the following objects of PS “. SDTES PS “Sogdiana”, schools in the settlement of Bogustan, Chirchiksky of college of the Olympic reserve, boarding house in the settlement of Bokachul, a complex in the settlement of Arnasay, works on energy saving in Kazakhstan and in Afghanistan, for construction of the high voltage line of JSC Elektrotarmokkurilish, PS “Surkhan-Guzar” of VL of 500 kV.

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