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Assembly management of “Energospetsremont” was a part of trust “Uzbekgidroenergostroy” in 01.04.1997.

The Energospetsremont enterprise carried out works on capital repairs of buildings of constructions, thermal isolation, a brickwork envelope of pipelines and the equipment, repair of the equipment of hydraulic engineering constructions, dismantle and installation of canned meat of chimneys, a copper – PTVM, installation of canned meat of chimneys of coppers of PTVM-100 on TTs-1 “Sowing. East”, on TTs-6 “Southwest”, and also are constructed and put into operation: heathighway 2 DU-800 of mm of L 3.6

Works on pump station with engineering communications to a vein to building were performed on Kadyrov St., reconstruction of a heating main on Sadykov St., park of Beaubourg, to construction of engineering networks to houses by request of “Uzzhilsberbank”. In 2001 the enterprise started installation of canned meat and the hydropower equipment on a start-up complex of turn of Tupolangsky hydroelectric power station.

In 2004. A mustache of “Energospetsremont” it is transformed to DP “MAHSUS HYDROPOWER INSTALLATION”. DP took part in construction of Arnasaysky pump station I and II of rises, installation of the capital and service equipment, m/c precast concrete and pipelines on Tupolangskaya, Maloy-Akhangaransky hydroelectric power station. The Andizhan GES-2, on the Rezaksaysky reservoir.

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