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In 1962 Management of specialized works was formed.

USR collective mounted canned meat of the main cases of all constructed thermal power plants: Takhiatashsky, Angrensky, Syr-Darya, New and Angrensky and Talimardzhansky state district power station. Sites of USR worked at objects of water management construction: Kuyumazarska and Hamzinska of pump station on the Amu-Bukharsky channel, carried out installation of equipment and designs of the Charvaksky water-engineering system. The big contribution was made by collective of Kibraysky and Tashkent sites in providing the city of Tashkent with drinking water and heat.

In 2004 USR was transformed to DP “Makhsusenergomontazh”. Performance repair, installation and construction works on power and other objects of the republic became primary activity of the enterprise.

DP collective made capital repairs of subcrane ways and other load-lifting mechanisms of hectare of Talimardzhansky and New and Angrensky thermal power plant, also repair of a roof of the machine hall and boiler office of Syr-Darya thermal power plant. On New and Angrensky state district power station the ø 530 pipeline of mm of L 1400 m is shifted to ZShO-1. Capital repairs of a copper No. 2, the technological pipeline – ventilation at Mubareksky combined heat and power plant, repair of system of water supply of Charvaksky and Hodzhikentsky hydroelectric power station, a santekhrabota, repair of a roof of the building of the militarized protection and a maslokhranilishch are executed. Are put into operation of 2 strings of a conduit of ø 800-1020 mm from the Talimardzhansky reservoir to thermal power plant of L 18 km. And a zoo of the city of Tashkent installation of technological pipelines and treatment facilities is executed. 2 strings of a conduit of ø 800-1020 mm from the Tashkent thermal power plant to boiler TTs-4 of L 12 km are handed over., the Yunusabadsky and Almazarsky districts of the capital providing with drinking water, more than 7 km of the third string of a water supply system are mounted. Installation of the capital hydropower and service equipment on Maloy-Akhangaransky hydroelectric power station, the Andizhan GES-2 is also made, installation and production of a metalwork on Kadyryinsky’ cascade and Is lower Bozsuvsky hydroelectric power stations, reconstruction of buildings of the enterprise for production of buses of the Mercedes Benz brand on 1 stage.