• Friday February 5th, 2016
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In December, 1956 on the basis of a site of a mashinoprokat Management of the mechanized works as a part of Sredazgidroenergostroy trust was organized.

Management of the mechanized works carried out complex mechanization of earthwork on all objects constructed by trust: Hishrausky and Alametdinsky hydroelectric power station, Southern Golodnostepinsky channel 127 km long., on construction of the Tashkent, Takhiatashsky, Maryysky, Syr-Darya, Angrensky, New and Angrensky and Talimardzhansky state district power station.

In 2004 UMR was transformed to DP “Mekhanizatsiyalashgan Ishlar Boshkarmas”. DP collective performed earth and load-lifting works at Arnasaysky pump station, on construction of Chirchiksky college of the Olympic reserve, work on the first block of Talimardzhansky state district power station, on dumping of a dam of ZShO-1 of 1,85 million m3, by Zoloshlakootvalu (PIJ-2) on new and Angrensky thermal power plant is executed dredging of 6,3 million m3, an embankment of 4,5 million m3, Now DP “MIB” has 86 units of construction cars and mechanisms including excavators diesel and electric, bulldozers, skating rinks, autogrades, scrapers, caterpillar and automobile cranes, dump trucks of different loading capacity.

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