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In 1964 in the settlement of Barazh of the Tashkent area construction of Gazalkentsky experimental collapsible plant housing construction No. 2 renamed into the mechanized column of housing construction-2 (MCHC2) was begun subsequently.

The MCD-2 collective constructed and put in operation houses in the settlement of Mr. Bekabade, Width, Angren, Nurabada, Nuristan, Bukhara. Termez, Sara-Asiya. To Gazli, the ulistena, the settlement Kibray, Nazarbeke, Mr. Mubareke and a complex of houses in Tashkent, and also the republics: in the cities of Kapchagay, Chimkent (Kazakhstan), Batkente. Shamaldysaye. Krasnovodsk, Mary (Turkmenistan). In total about 600 thousand sq.m of housing are entered.

In 2004 MCD-2 is transformed to DP “Sanoatuyenergokurilish”. The plant of large-panel housing construction, woodworking shop, repair mechanical workshops, a motor transport service is a part of DP SUEK. DP collective carried out construction 40 inhabited in the city of Tashkent on Karasu and Firuz’s inhabited massifs, two 56th room houses in of Nuristone, carried out reconstruction of a tubercular clinic on 110 beds in of Bekabade. From 2008 to 2011 construction of 8 houses for young families in Tashkent is executed. Now works on AURA-ZOOKV on Talimardzhansky thermal power plant, to a 48-kV house in Karshi are conducted.Sanoat

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