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For a covering of power loadings construction of Talimardzhansky state district power station, the largest thermal power plant in Central Asia began. For carrying out construction works on March 11, 1982 it was formed the MOUSTACHE “Talimardzhangresstroy”.

Characteristics of the Power of Station station are 3200 MW the Equipment 4 coppers of TGP-805 SZ, 4 turbines K-800-240-5, 4 TB-800-2 generators

Fuel – gas of the Shurtansky field.

Talimar Talimar1 Talimar2

On a row with construction of power plant the following objects were constructed: A military camp “Pachkamar”, a boundary post of “Kirkkuloch”, Arnasaysky pump station, school “Yangi Turmush”, “Changak”, substation of “Kukdumalak”, the Tokhir and Zukhra complex, an amphitheater on 2800 places, professional college on 720 pupils in the village of Mirmiron, a house in the Nishansky area, fire depot.

In the conditions of hot climate socially living conditions are of great importance living people. In view of, the settlement of city type, Nuristan on 10 thousand inhabitants was built. The settlement is built up with modern well-planned houses, provided with gas, water and heat. The hospital complex, a hospital, school on 1568 pupils, 2 kindergartens on 720 places, a day nursery, sport a complex, shopping center, winter and summer movie theater, a bath, bakery, the winter back in the territory of station are also constructed. The territory of station and the settlement are planted trees and shrubs, arranged well, are available subsidiary agriculture on the area of 1000 hectares.

In 2004 the MOUSTACHE “Talimardzhangresstroy” it is transformed to DP “Talimardzhangreskurilish”. In 2004 the first 800 MW block, ORU-220кВ is put into operation, DOU, is constructed the engineering and household case, block pump station, a chimney 270 m high, access/road ways 10 km long. In construction of station practically all divisions of UZGES trust in cooperation about “Mosenergomontazh, EMK “Engineering”, JSC Teploelectroproject, MU-4, JV Elektroizolit, KP “Energosredanaladka”, JSC Turonelektromontazh took part.

The collective actively took part in construction of facilities, devoted to 2700 anniversary of the city of Karshi, the Amphitheater with the arena is constructed. Recovery work across Hishrau and Taligulyansky hydroelectric power station is conducted.

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