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General information

JSC "Uzbekgidroenergoqurilish" was founded in 1932 and has extensive experience in the construction of hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, as well as experience in the construction of civil and industrial structures.

Since its founding, the company has completed the construction of a cascade of Chirchik hydroelectric power plants and a unique Charvak hydroelectric complex, built the first hydroelectric power stations on the Syrdarya river - Farkhad and Kairakum on the Syr Darya River with reservoirs at them, as well as Central Asia’s largest thermal power plants. Over 80 years, 33 hydroelectric power stations and 13 thermal power plants were built and put into operation with a total capacity of more than 13,920 MW. Additionally, the enterprises of the Company built and commissioned gas turbine unit with a capacity of 27 MW at the Tashkent combined heat and power plant, International Logistics Center in Angren, facilities "TAPOiCH" for the production of buses "Mercedes-Bens", MAN production and administrative buildings and many other facilities

Currently, JSC "Uzbekgidroenergoqurilish" has 18 structural enterprises located in different regions of the Republic and specializing in various areas, such as general construction, installation, commissioning, the production of concrete products, road transport services, etc. JSC "Uzbekgidroenergoqurilish" also has a modern fleet of motor and mechanized technical with more than 100 units.

Today, the Company acts as a general contractor in the construction of 17 MW and 7 MW gas turbine units at the Fergana cogeneration plant and the Fergana boiler house RK-3 respectively, Kamolot hydropower plants on the Chirchik-Buzsu tract (8.2 MW) and Kadirya hydropower plants (15.3 MW) and other facilities.

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