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Unitary enterprises

Information about the unitary enterprises of JSC "Uzbekgidroenergoqurilish" 

Company name Types of work
1 JSC "Uzbekgidroenergoqurilish" Electrical installation work, commissioning of technological equipment of thermal power plants, cogeneration plants and hydropower plants, construction and installation work. It has close ties with enterprises providing specialized types of work:  low current systems, insulation works, fireproof works, heat treatment and thermal control of weld seals and other. It also has a modern fleet of motor and mechanized technical with more than 100 units.
2 UE "Energoissiklikmontaj" Installation and repair of thermal and mechanical equipment, installation of pipelines operating under high, medium and low pressure, installation and repair of steam and hot water boilers and other installation work
3 UE "Makhsusgidroenergomontaj" Installation of power and mechanical equipment at hydroelectric power plants. Installation of technological pipelines operating under medium and low pressure, industrial climbing and other installation work
4 UE "Gidromontaj" Installation, repair, reconstruction and maintenance service of basic and hydromechanical equipment of facilities
5 UE "Machsusenergomontaо" All kinds of plumbing work, installation of heating and ventilation systems, all types of roof work, manufacturing and installation of metal structures, installation of internal and external pipelines, installation of roof and wall sandwich panels
6 UE "ChorbogGESkurilish" Current, medium and major repairs of hydro and thermal power plants. Construction of dams and platinum. Installation of electromechanical equipment. Implementation of general civil works, housing and industrial purposes.
7 UE "SyrdaryaIESkurilish"
8 UE "NavoiIESkurilish"
9 UE "Tahiatoshgidroenergokurilish"
10 "Syrdaryogidrokurilishmontaj" LLC
11 UE “AngrenIESkurilish”
12 UE "TalimarzhonIESkurilish"
13 UE "ToshIESkurilish"
14 UE "Sanoatuyenergokurilish" Construction of housing complexes
15 "Gidroenergouykurilish" LLC
16 UE "Energokurilishindustriya" Production of inert materials (sand, crushed stone, gravel), manufacture of precast concrete structures and ready-mixed concrete
17 UE "Avtotransportenergokurilish" Renders services of motor transportation of goods on objects under construction, both for interdepartmental enterprises and for outside organizations.
18 "Ukuvenergokurilish" non-state educational establishment Carries out training, retraining and advanced training of workers and specialists in construction field both for interdepartmental enterprises and for outside organizations
19 UE "Bosmahona" Printing and production of standard forms, magazines, identification document, color printing and other printing work both for interdepartmental enterprises and for outside organizations

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