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Organization History

Public administration Chirchikstroy – Uzbekgidroenergostroy was created according to the Resolution of Council of Work and Defense of the USSR in 1932 for construction of plant of nitric fertilizers in the city of Chirchik and two-level hydroelectric power station on the river Chirchik.
In 1934 Management was transformed to the State construction and installation trust “Chirchikstroy”. In 1957 the Chirchikstroy trust is renamed into Uzbekgidroenergostroy trust.
The joint-stock company JSC O’zbekgidroenergoqurilish is created on the basis of the order of the State Property Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan of September 30, 2004 by 130K-POE’S No. “About transformation of Uzbekgidroenergostroy trust to Open joint stock company and is structural division SAC of “Uzbekenergo” (the order on SAC of “Uzbekenergo” of July 25, 2004 No. 152).
On the basis of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “About joint-stock companies and protection of the rights of shareholders” new edition. The O’zbekgidroenergoqurilish open joint stock company is renamed into O’zbekgidroenergoqurilish Joint-stock company.
Commissioning in 1940-1941 of the first stage of Chirchiksky electrochemical combine and two hydroelectric power stations on the river Chirchik was the first large labor victory.
In the period of the Great Patriotic War the trust on the instructions of the State committee of defense constructed a number of hydroelectric power stations which provided with the electric power the most important needs of a national economy of Uzbekistan working for defense of the country. For it the staff of trust was awarded by a high government award award of the Labour Red Banner.
In the next years construction of the Cascade of Chirchiksky hydroelectric power stations and the unique Charvaksky water-engineering system is complete, the first are built on the Syr-Darya River of hydroelectric power stations – Farkhadskoy and Kayrakumskoy on the Syr-Darya River with reservoirs at them, the thermal power plants, largest in Central Asia, Angrensky, Tashkent, Syr-Darya, Takhiatashsky, Maryysky, New and Angrensky and other unique hydraulic engineering constructions in lower reaches of the Amu Darya River – the Takhiatashsky water-engineering system. Along with power construction many constructions for development of virgin lands in the Hungry steppe, floods of areas of the Kyzyl Kum Desert and other irrigational constructions are built. As a rule, all power plants trust are under construction in a complex, that is together with inhabited settlements and the cities.
In December, 2004 the first 800 thousand kw power unit was entered. Talimardzhansky thermal power plant.
It is constructed and put into operation of 33 hydroelectric power stations, thermal power plants with a total power more than 13920 MW.
Also in 2010 the 21 MW Malaya-Akhangaransky hydroelectric power station is constructed and put into operation.
At the same time the staff of trust built the cities and settlements: Chirchik, Width, Yangi-Er, Takhiatash, Gazalkent, Charvak, Nuristan and Nurabad in whom function more than 2,0 млн.кв.м living space, kindergartens, schools, hospital complexes and other objects of social appointment.
Except the objects custom-made SAC of “Uzbekenergo” of JSC Uzbekgidroenergokurilish during the period since 2005 and to the present performed works on objects of other customers for:
SAC “Uzkimyosanoat” construction of facilities of water supply of Dekhkanabadsky plant of potash fertilizers is executed;
JSC Uzavtosanoat executed construction of the International Center of logistics in Angren, reconstruction of the areas of GAO “TAPOICh” for production of Mercedes-Benss buses on 1 stage; “Dealer and service center “MAN”, “Assembly production of MAN trucks, and “Production of hinged and hook-on equipment of “MAN”;
Navoiysky area construction of pump station on the river Zaravshan, a pressure head conduit of technical water and knot of distribution of technical water with tanks to the free industrial economic zone “Navoi” is executed;
The ministries of the higher and secondary vocational education of the Republic of Uzbekistan five colleges in Tashkent, Chirchik, Gazalkenta, Takhiatashe and Karshi are constructed;
Hokimiyata of Tashkent in 2008-2011g.g. 8 houses for young families are constructed.
The VIP SERVICE NBU center “The covered swimming pool in the territory of the sports Yoshlik complex in Tashkent”;
The Ministries of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan “The covered swimming pool in the territory of the FSO of “Dynamo” in Tashkent”;
Hokimiyatov of the Tashkent area “Houses for country people”.
By request SAC of “Uzbekenergo” works on objects are complete:
“Modernization of Angrensky coal mine I stage;
“The model project on increase of power productivity due to introduction of the cogeneration gas-turbine technology at the Tashkent combined heat and power plant”.
Now works on object “Construction of a complex of office buildings and constructions of JSC Uzavtosanoat in the territory of JSC Foton come to the end.
Also works are continued on:
“To construction of infrastructure and auxiliary objects of a new thermal power plant with a general power of 900 MW under construction as a part of two 450 MW blocks of steam-gas installations in the Turakurgansky region of the Namangan area” for SAC of “Uzbekenergo”;
“To construction of PGU of-250 MW on JSC Takhiatashsky Thermal Power Plant (preparatory work)” for SAC of “Uzbekenergo”;
“The organizations of production of electronic counters of the electric power in SIEZ “Navoi” for SAC of “Uzbekenergo”;
“To construction of a hangar with the special device for rise, descent, storage and maintenance of the yacht” for SAC of “Uzbekenergo”;
To “Special object” for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
“To capital repairs of infrastructure of a military camp No. 1 to Nukus the Republics of Karakalpakstan” for the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
“Reconstruction of boiler RK-3 in Fergana” for the Iizhiniringovy Company “Services of the Uniform Customer” of the Fergana area.

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